Constitutional Procedures

columnsOn May 17, 2021, we discussed the reality that lawyers – namely, Rudy Giuliani – are not immune from searches by federal agents. In that post, we touched on the Department of Justice’s use of “taint teams,” lawyers and federal agents tasked with screening items seized by search warrants to protect privileges. Despite their

Search WarrantOn April 28, 2021, federal agents executed search warrants at the home and office of Rudy Giuliani and seized cell phones and computers.  Mr. Giuliani is former President Trump’s personal lawyer, a former United States Attorney, and a former New York City mayor.  This high-profile search and seizure reportedly sought communications related to an ongoing

courthouseThis past September, District Court Judge Alison Nathan, from the Southern District of New York, issued a withering decision reprimanding prosecutors in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for a “cascade of failures to timely disclose” Brady materials before or even during trial, including documents that the Government disclosed to the defense only after the trial concluded